Time to take a deep breath in

In our meditation classes, we relax, regain strength, learn to let go of negative thought patterns and focus our mind.

Physical and psychological benefits

Meditation is key to deep relaxation, healthy sleep and mindful breathing. Meditation increases our ability to concentrate and attention spans by bringing order into our chaotic thoughts. The mind calms down and our body releases fewer stress hormones. We learn to let go, discover new perspectives. In our everyday life, we benefit from enhanced efficiency and creativity.

 Emotional benefits

Meditation enables us to find our true selves, to love ourselves and to discover new horizons. Emotional stability and a positive outlook on life enable sustainable happiness that emanates from within ourselves.

What types of meditation do we practise?

Fräulein Yogini‘s meditation classes range from traditional Indian or Tibetan meditation techniques to its more westernized variations – sometimes sitting, sometimes lying down, sometimes moving.

Everyone benefits from meditation. Not matter how old or fit you are – for students who are not able to sit comfortably on the mat, we provide yoga chairs.

In our dynamic meditation course, physical activity plays a major role. In the first part, we exhaust our bodies and shake off everything that no longer serves us. Afterwards, deep, intense breathwork leads together with our hightended physical awareness to catharsis, detox of body and mind and allows us to explore stillness and inner peace in the last part of this practice. This form of meditation is very beneficial for beginners who find sitting still rather challenging.