About myself

As an adventurous Munich born yogini, I have discovered a lot of wonderful things in my life. My way led me to university where I studied, taught and finally finished my PhD in English literature. After this amazing time, I worked more than 10 years in advertising and PR. I know how our work-life balance can get out of control and how it feels when you are always on duty – 24/7 as well as on holidays. My yoga and meditation practice became more and more my refuge, my personal stress release and light in hard times that shone brighter and brighter in the last couple of years.

My professional path as a yoga teacher brought me to Bali where I completed my 200hrs yoga teacher training in 2015. In order to immerse deeper into the traditional Indian yoga practice and philosophy, I quit my job and left behind my previous career. I travelled to the source of yoga, at the foot of the Himalayas and to the holy river Ganga to Rishikesh for my 300hrs advanced yoga teacher training as well as my meditation teacher training.  

Back in Munich, I want to spread the positive experience and share the yoga and meditation skills I gained. The good news: Everyone benefits from yoga! No matter how old or flexible you are.

I have learned and discovered a lot of different traditions while travelling – especially when it comes to recharging your inner batteries and gentle forms of stress management. I am also a reiki master. Please just contact me in case you are interested in a reiki session.