Yoga 60+

Everyone benefits from yoga! Also seniors! In this class, we practice asanas that gently are adapted for your age and fitness levels. 

Afternoon Flow Yoga

The movements are connected to our breath. We flow from asana to asana. If you practise these dynamic yoga forms on a regular basis, you will feel a meditative flow.

Happy Hangover Yoga

Happy Hangover-Yoga: Soft stretching, restorative and very gentle detox practices help us recover from last night’s party after-effects.

Yin Yoga

We hold asanas in passive stretches for 2-5 minutes in sitting or lying postures. The more we let go, the better not only our muscles but also our fasciae and connective tissues can stretch. Yin Yoga can also help activate

Morning Flow

We gently start the day slowly building up energy for the rest of the day.